What to Expect from Hiring SEO Consultants in Singapore

Nothing is worse than having miscommunicated expectations from the business that hires SEO consultants to help them succeed. A highly experienced SEO company ought to be able to provide a realistic idea of what to expect from hiring them. They should not give false hopes or unrealistic results. Some consultants promise quick results, but in reality, SEO takes time.

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Knowing what to expect means you can hold the consultant accountable without making unreasonable demands based on the unclearly-defined expectations. When the foundation has been set, any business that acquires SEO service can anticipate the following expectations from the SEO consultants in Singapore.

Expect SEO Firm to:

Find the Best Keywords Just because a particular keyword or key phrase is the search term your business should focus on does not mean it actually is. Professional consultants have access to different tools that enable them to perform keyword analysis to find out the most effective keywords. Some keywords may perform better than the others, and an experienced SEO company will know how to figure this out. Generic keywords may deliver a good amount of traffic, but you should target traffic that turns into ready buyers. Businesses can expect the SEO firm to take the keyword suggestions and formulate a list of specific phrases that will turn searchers into customers.

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Use Acceptable Practices Search engines like Google make use of complex algorithms to determine how a website ranks on SERPs. Although the algorithms are not disclosed, Google openly shares which search engine optimization strategies are acceptable and which techniques violate their guidelines. Those tactics that don’t adhere to their rules are commonly referred as “Black Hat” while the techniques that follow their guidelines are known as “White Hat.” You should expect the SEO firm to only use practices that abide by the rules to avoid the risk of getting penalised or banned from the search engine. It is very tempting to resort to black-hat techniques to get ahead but it’s also a big risk that can affect your website.

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Optimise Your Website An SEO expert knows that there are three tiers of SEO, such as technical, on-page and off-page optimisation. Expect the consultant to perform on-page optimisation to help increase traffic. On-page optimisation involves placing keywords you want to rank in the title, heading, and the content of your web pages. The SEO company will likely request some changes on your existing website to implement on-page optimisation. Sometimes, you may need to redesign the entire website to integrate SEO and improve its overall performance. Moreover, the contents of your site must be well-written and informative to provide value to your visitors, not just for the sake of inserting keywords on it. This is why on-page SEO also involves professional copywriting. Track Results An SEO consultant is expected to monitor the performance of the campaign to determine whether the techniques are effective or not. Ranking and link-building reports are important metrics, but of course, you need actual results. Conversions and click-through rates are key performance indicators that can inform you what results the SEO campaign is producing. If a visitor performs the desired action, this is where a conversion happens. For e-commerce websites, this can mean sale while for service-based businesses, it comes in a form of a phone call or email. An SEO services provider is expected to track results and present to the client.

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Checklist in Finding SEO Company in Singapore

Do you know what to look for in an SEO company in Singapore? Many businesses think it’s easy to find an SEO firm that can perform techniques to improve their website traffic and ranking. But when it comes to outsourcing your search engine optimisation strategy, you should have sufficient knowledge in distinguishing an expert from a trying-to-be an expert.

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So if an SEO consultant promises you the world – an extremely high ranking overnight or a few days, you should stay away. SEO takes time. Never invest your money in something that will not give quality results or put you at risk of getting penalised for implementing bad practices. When you know what to look for, you can find the right SEO company that can help you achieve your goal.

Here’s what you should look for in an SEO firm:

  • Do their clients share positive reviews about their work?

Check out the consultant’s website and look for the testimonial page. A reliable SEO company will share the testimonials from their previous clients as proof of their successful works. If there is no testimonial page, you check the homepage of the site for some feedback or you can conduct a research to determine if there are any bad comments about them. Their social media channels are also great sources to find out their capability. If you come across positive reviews from previous clients, you can communicate with that individual and make enquiries.

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  • Do they have fair pricing?

Does the SEO company charges a reasonable cost? Some SEO packages cost more as they include several approaches to ensure the success of the campaign while others are priced fairly. A comprehensive SEO technique, complete with good blog posts, link building and technical, takes time. Many consultants offer a comprehensive SEO strategy at a reasonable price. You can do a comparison of pricing from different consultants to figure out which one is realistic. If a consultant tells you they can perform several SEO works for cheap, you should be careful and don’t commit right away. Watch out for too good to be true offers, chances are they will not give you the desired result and will just waste your money.

  • Can they explain to you their process?

Although one tier of SEO involves technical, Google SEO also involves on-page and off-page optimisation, which are not that difficult to explain. A good SEO consultant will be able to explain clearly and properly their processes and the steps they are going to implement to help your site increase traffic and search rankings. If the process includes link building, they must discuss with you the ways to do it, such as social sharing and infographics. They should explain to you how these tactics work. If they can’t explain their practices, chances are, they don’t know what they are doing.

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  • Do they perform SEO on their own page?

A reliable SEO firm should have an easy-to-navigate and easy-to-read website full of valuable contents related to SEO. How can you expect a company that provides SEO services to generate good results if they don’t implement what they offer on their own website? It doesn’t make sense, right? The company should be practising overall best SEO techniques for themselves if that’s what they are selling. If the SEO company in Singapore have a well-optimised website, then you can expect considerable results from their service.

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