What Are The Strategies In Buying Your Domain Name?

When it comes to deciding your Domain Name for your company website, it may not be as simple as you imagine. However, SEO Consultants in Singapore have the tips and tricks you may need to take into consideration when buying your domain name.

What is the importance of a domain name when it comes to SEO?

Your domain name will impact traffic to your website, rankings in search engines and ultimately the profitability of your business. This in short, is the role of an SEO agency to help boost your company sales and business success. Very often, we may go about not knowing what to expect from customers or the market. Setting up your website and digital marketing in a strategic way will help to keep a company surviving in the competitive online market and will go a long way.

This article will focus on one of the ways SEO companies will use to help strategize your business’ online presence – that is, finding the best solution for your domain name.


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Simply, a poor domain name will not be generating much traffic on site. However, there are other factors that are affected on a more technical level when you don’t strategize buying your domain name. There may be companies that are new or will open in the future with the same or similar domain name pulling traffic away from your site and cause confusion for customers. New companies overseas using the same domain name as you have may change their domain name structure, changing the worldwide rankings. Therefore, it is important in order to remain relevant in our online presence to do what is necessary to protect and keep our rankings high, website traffic flowing and sales going.


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2 Types of Strategies for Domain Names Purchase

There are two types of strategies that are most commonly used when buying a domain name. Defensive strategies such as buying all variables to your domain name so that there is no chance for competitors or squatters to, frankly, just mess with your brand. The difference between defensive domain registration and strategic domain registration is in purpose and alignment to a goal.


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SEO consultants in Singapore use strategic domain registration to improve traffic, rankings and sales to a website. Some of the strategies used to achieve this goal are; firstly, buying your Plural Domain. So often, businesses lose out from customers visiting the wrong website which could be in a name of another business. It is important to have ownership over the plural domain of your domain name so that you eliminate any confusion for customers. Next, buying TLD (top-level domains) of your domain name is also important. TLD are such as dot com, dot org, dot net which all rank better worldwide than using “dot com dot country code” (in simple terms..).

Buying all variants can help to protect yourself from any new website developed in the future that decide to want the same domain name as you, and again, help to improve your overall traffic, ranking and sales. It is also a good option to have another web domain if ever your business needs another avenue online under your company name.


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To add as extra advice for anyone in the Tech industry who wants to take their domain name into another level of exclusivity, buying gTLDs (Generic top-level domains such as – dot io or dot pro) will also help to improve your business and its speciality. In most cases, for SMEs and all other businesses, simple but educated strategies to buy your domain name will breed the best results for your company which SEO consultants in Singapore will be able to guide you on.  


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