Questions about SEO

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about SEO.
  1. What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is using certain techniques that would help a website rank higher in any search engine result page. If proper SEO techniques are not employed then a website might remain virtually unknown to its potential customers for a long time. Techniques that make a website visible to its targeted audience are known as SEO techniques.

  1. What are the ranking factors?

No one knows all the ranking factors of a search engine. It is estimated that Google uses 200 ranking factors to give a page its rank. Some of the known ranking factors are links, keywords, mobile responsiveness and so forth.

  1. Why should I use SEO services?

The answer is simple. Use SEO to increase visibility of your website. This way you will get more traffic that would lead to increased profits. It should be remembered that Google search algorithms are pieces of code. They do not understand a website’s content but use certain factors to know its relevance to the searched keyword.

  1. Can’t I do SEO myself?

Employing the right kind of SEO techniques needs experience. Though you can read books and start with some basic techniques you might still not be able to reap substantial benefits. In fact, if wrong techniques are applied then they might backfire and lead to the website being penalized or banned.

  1. Do I need to have technical skills to do SEO?

No, most of the SEO techniques do not require any technical skills. Though some advance techniques might require you to know a bit of coding but basic techniques can be done by analyzing the web pages and watching your rankings.

  1. How much time will it take for SEO to work?

It all depends upon the website size, content and other such factors. Some websites have seen changes in a week’s time, but for others it takes a couple of months to see any change in the ranking.

  1. What is On page SEO?

On page SEO techniques are the ones that are employed on the web page content and code. They would include changing content, using keywords in title tags and meta tags and so forth. Image optimization, coding the robot.txt files all fall under on page optimization techniques.

  1. What is Off page SEO?

There are many other factors that do not fall under the periphery of the code and content. They are inbound links, social media sharing through likes and comments and social bookmarking through tagging in various forums and communities. iClick Media engages in white-hat proper Off-Page SEO techniques to push your website’s domain strength and organic ranking up.

  1. What is black hat SEO?

These are malpractices done by website owners to increase their site’s ranking through unnatural means. Examples of such strategies are fake blogs, low quality or spinned articles, keyword stuffing and so forth. These techniques are obviously not approved by the search engines and might lead to blacklisting of the website.

  1. What is white hat SEO?

Link building through natural means would constitute White hat SEO techniques. Getting backlinks from relevant sites, abiding by search engine’s terms and conditions and writing good content will all constitute white hat SEO techniques.