How Much Does SEO Cost In Singapore?

Heard of the word SEO and wondering what it means? Well SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO services are provided by many companies all over the world. It is a process of making your website more visible to the online digital world.

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As it is used worldwide, the competition is tough as many people are using it to have higher chances of being more visible then other websites. There are many SEO consultants in Singapore that are known for being experienced in SEO which is one of the reasons why many companies are well known all over the world. However, do you know how to choose an SEO vendor that can provide excellent and reliable SEO services at an affordable price? How much is considered a reasonable price for your Search Engine Optimisation work? Let us share.

What exactly is SEO?

The answer as mentioned above is Search Engine Optimisation, in layman terms is basically a process that improves the chances of your website being more visible when people search for a certain keyword on Google or other search engines.The more visible your site, the more attention you will gain as more eyes will be able to see your site which will then attract more business for you.

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How does Search Engine Optimization work?

Search Engines uses bots to go from site to site to collect information about those pages and put them in an index. The index is basically a giant harddrive that stores all the information it has collected and it makes it possible that it can pull up a website that you are searching for exactly.

It has complex SEO algorithms that analyze the sites in the index and takes into consideration the various different types of factors that determine the order in which the websites should come in based on our search.

Unlike paid search ads, spending money to get a higher search rank is not possible hence SEO services have to put in the effort and work to get a higher rank.

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Why is SEO important for marketing?

Search engine optimization is a key factor when it comes to digital marketing as millions of people all over the world conduct millions of searches, with the same objective of finding a particular information on many things such as products or services and many more. Hence greater visibility and higher ranking compared to others can create a more positive impact on your site.

How Much Does It Cost For SEO Services In Singapore?

A benefit of hiring a professional SEO vendor is that they will be able to give you the right price estimate for your campaign. There is also the possibility of you doing it yourself which could save you your money but we strongly advise not to unless you have a full-time experienced SEO practitioner doing the work for you in your office.

Types Of Local SEOCosts of SEO
Local SEO (Simple Keywords)SGD$300 to SGD$500 per month
Mid-Level SEO CampaignSGD$400 to SGD$900 per month
Comprehensive International SEOSGD$2,000 starting price per month

What is the best price for SEO in Singapore?

There definitely are cheap SEO services in Singapore however the idea of cheap is different for everyone. Most SEO companies in Singapore follow the same method of how they charge, which is by having a monthly package, where they charge a fixed price every month for a number of keywords. The price increases as the number of keywords increase. The price also varies depending on the experience and portfolio of the company you have chosen.

The cost of an SEO can range anywhere from SGD$500 to SGD$4,500 per month.  The difference in cost is attributed to the different factors such as:

  • Number of SEO Keywords
  • Difficulty of the chosen Keywords
  • Website Built and Quality
  • Local or International SEO campaigns
  • Add-ons such as Web Maintenance and Copywriting Services

There is no fixed price or standard rate that is being charged. If you ask any SEO consultant what the price of their SEO services are, they will all give you the same reply stating that it depends. SEO services pricing varies from company to company in Singapore.

Factors That Affect The Cost Of SEO Services In Singapore

Here is a list of factors that come into consideration when deciding the costs of the service;

  • Services & Benefits
    • The cost will largely depend on the services required and the benefits that are included in the campaign.
    • Not all SEO companies will provide you with all the services such as blog content, content distribution and more.
    • At the end of the day you should pick something within your budget.
  • The Experience
    • The greater the profile and knowledge of the SEO company the higher they may charge you, so why not go for a cheaper one as there are cheap SEO services in Singapore. However, are you willing to take a chance with a company with lesser experience and one that may not be able to guarantee you results? Invest your money in a good company that has a good profile and is a known company in the industry.
    • They may charge you at a higher rate as they are a professional company that has years of experience and knowledge of every aspect of SEO. Their rates may be higher but they are likely to provide better results  than the cheaper option in a shorter period of time.
    • Read up about listing additional info on Google’s SERPs. If the SEO vendor is experienced enough, he or she should propose to you to do such work.
  • Time
    • SEO companies usually provide results within 3 to 5 months. Wanting results in a quicker timeline will require additional costs
  • Guarantee
    • Results can never be 100% guaranteed as there are too many factors that come into play with search engine optimization, if a company informs you that they can give you a guarantee ranking it is probably a ploy as it is not possible. Remember this: No one can control Google’s ranking.
  • Custom SEO Pricing
    • Custom pricing packages could be an option you could explore that is based on the results. For example, as rankings in search engines are all about boosting your portfolio along with sales for your site, there is a chance that you could make a deal with your SEO company where they charge you only when they can show proof of results that your site comes at a higher rank. However not all companies have this option and those that do may charge an extremely high price for their SEO service that usually comes together with a contract that will last a minimum of a few years.

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SEO Singapore : Generate More Traffic

  • A good SEO can help improve your business tenfold and a bad SEO can destroy your business along with your reputation and everything that you have spent your time building.
  • Think hard and plan out and choose the right SEO company for your business that fits your budget.Here is a list of factors that you should consider before making your decision;
    • Do not find a company just by looking at the price, a high price SEO company may not be as good as you expect it to be based on the fees.
    • Choose quality and experience over price
    • Seek reference from others and do your research

The SEO costs in Singapore varies from company to company and has many factors that affect the cost of it. Making the right choice of choosing the right SEO company is very important as it can make or break your business. Do your research and choose a company that will best benefit the business. This is especially crucial in this Covid-19 endemic period. On a side note, do read up our latest SEO tips on doing SEO during the Endemic.

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