The 20 Most Asked Questions for SEO

Are you looking for some tips and tricks on how to promote your business presence online? Or understanding how the engine works online?

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Let’s take a look at the 20 most asked questions about SEO. You’ll learn strategies and understand how some SEO services work and what SEO consultants in Singapore can do.

1. What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) optimizes a website’s content to appear higher in the search engine results pages (SERP). The use of keywords assists the business in improving its search results on SERP, allowing good visibility online.

It is important to be specific about who your business is and what you have for them such as your USP, products, and services offered, and many more.

Rather than a paid media where you have to pay to advertise your business, SEO is an earned media where someone shares and publishes content about your company without you having to pay for it.

2. How Does SEO Work and how does it benefit?

To put it another way, when someone searches for anything, search engine optimization helps a website appear at the top of a search engine’s page. It provides internet visibility that can be easily found in order to generate online visitors and send people to your homepage.

Also keep in mind that rates vary based on who is delivering the Search Engine Optimization services, such as hiring an SEO consultant or hiring a company to advertise your website.

Although SEO services supplied by firms might be costly, you are paying for their

  • Expertise
  • Experience
  • Efficiency.

As a result, you can be assured that your money will be well spent, as these experts will undoubtedly assist your website in rising above the competition. If you are looking to hire an SEO consultant in Singapore, do check out our blog on What To Expect When Hiring an SEO Consultant from Singapore.
As a result, you can be assured that your money will be well spent, as these experts will undoubtedly assist your website in rising above the competition. If you are looking to hire an SEO consultant in Singapore, do check out our blog on What To Expect When Hiring an SEO Consultant from Singapore.

3. Is SEO Necessary for My Company?

Isn’t it true that it’s never a bad idea to give anything a shot? Simply said, if you want to increase visitors to your website, you will need SEO. Many firms are moving and marketing their presence online as the digital world evolves.

Online audiences are more targeted, and you may reach a larger audience.

There are a variety of SEO consultants in Singapore. iClick Media, for example, offers Search Engine Optimization services targeted to your company’s marketing objectives and goals, employing highly effective and consistent SEO techniques to ensure that your website is highly rated.

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4. Is Social Media Helpful In Increasing The Rank Of My Website?

Social media marketing can be helpful depending on the way you are promoting your company.

They become brand advocates when you offer high-quality content or information that resonates with your target audience. This will result in them reading and sharing the articles with more people.

Although social media has no direct effect on SEO rankings, the links posted on various social media platforms assist to build brand awareness through shared media. Usually most marketers would want to learn Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kind of SEO and here’s 1 interesting blog article to share with you – 6 Do-It-Yourself SEO in 2020.

It is essential to utilize social media to promote your business in order to build a stronger online presence since it has the ability to drive visitors to a website, which affects search rankings.

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5. How do I know what kind of Keywords That People Are Searching For To Identify Businesses Like Mine?

Keywords are crucial since they are what people are looking for, and the information you give must fit into that category. It’s tough to imagine what search terms consumers might use to locate your business online.

As a result, be sure to investigate what you think your target audience is looking for and whether the SEO keywords you include in your post are related to your brand, product, or service, as well as the keywords they employ.

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Engaging agencies that offer SEO services can essentially help your website to:

  • Grow
  • Increase traffic
  • More brand awareness
  • Spreading through word of mouth
  • Increase revenue

6. How Long Does It Take To Rank on Google?

Google rankings are based on the most suitable or requested query being searched for. Thus, the content posted has to be understood by your target audience.

If you are still struggling with your rankings in Singapore, finding SEO consultants can help to analyze, identify and provide relevant solutions to improve websites and also search engine results performance.

They will give company owners professional advice and ideas on how to increase natural traffic and improve ranking positions in order to attract more people to click on their website. For most SEO practitioners, I would recommend that they read the Beginner’s Guide to Link Building in 2020 before they push on further. This can help give them a good idea about off page SEO before they dive deep in.

7. Should I focus on SEO, PPC advertising, or both?

Unlike SEO services, PPC also known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) which is a different type of digital marketing method as compared to SEO. PPC increases online exposure by putting content in front of the target audience through social media platforms such as pop-up ads but you will have to pay to advertise.

  • The advantage over PPC would be advertisers will have to pay the publisher a fee each time a viewer clicks on their advertisement.

For SEO, one page might possibly occupy high-ranking positions in the Google SERP if your content is appropriately optimized.

  • The advantage is that the Return on Investment (ROI) for SEO increases over time.

Both are effective as SEO with PPC helps you to up your rankings on Google’s SERP. PPC and SEO will work together to reduce competition and strengthen your company’s image.

As a result, combining the two techniques, will also optimize your marketing ROI and increase the reach of your target audience.

8. What Are Google’s Important Ranking Factors?

Google’s algorithms use more than 200 ranking strategies to categorize websites depending on how relevant and trustworthy their pages are. Google’s ranking systems are built to filter through large amounts of websites in seconds to provide the most relevant, helpful results, and offer them in a way that makes it easy to find what you’re searching for.

Here are some important ranking factors to consider.

1. Quality of content
2. The freshness of the content
3. Mobile friendless for accessibility
4. Efficiency in loading the page
5. Schema Markup to comprehend specific texts

9. How does a Google Penalty work?

When Google identifies unknown functioning or a breach of the Search Engine Optimization standards, it imposes penalties. There are two types of penalties given by google:

  • Algorithmic
  • Manual

To prevent yourself from getting a penalty, stay away from link schemes and minimizing the use of keywords will help otherwise, seek advice from your personal SEO consultants and agencies.

10. Why isn’t my Website Ranking on Google?

It’s crucial to remember that a newly created website will not rank highly within a day since Google prefers relevant sites with established authority over time, thus it takes time for a website to perform organically before ranking higher.

The following are some of the reasons why your website is not visible:

  • It might also indicate that the material on your website is irrelevant or of poor quality and that it does not correspond to the keywords typed by your target audience.
  • The website may not be recorded in the SEO system, and it is now obstructing search engines.
  • There has been a violation of Google’s SEO guidelines, resulting in a manual penalty.

As previously said, SEO is an earned media, and you must earn your way to the top of Google by demonstrating that your website is appropriate and deserving of that position. We recommend that you digest this – 5 Big Mistakes in Search Engine Optimization before going further down this article.

11. Why Has My Organic Traffic Dropped?

There are many possibilities that might cause a rapid drop in organic traffic, including a drop in ranks, changes to your website, decreasing relevance for your content, or Google adjustments. These are some situations that no one has control over.

If the content uploaded has been consistent and relevant but your online traffic continues to decrease, it could possibly mean that a new competitor has entered the market and has overtaken your website visibility.

12. Is there a difference between On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and Technical SEO?

Using SEO services and hiring agencies will help you to handle your SEO campaign as they know the right keywords to use and will incorporate them into your content. Investing in on-page SEO and technical SEO will help to optimize your page to influence the rankings on Google.

On-Page SEO involves coding, in this case, HTML. It helps optimize web pages in the search for specific keywords to improve traffic. Any changes on the page will be visible to readers where they can see whatever changes made. It optimizes the rankings shown and the main purpose is to allow other pages a higher chance of appearing in the search results.

Off-Page SEO cannot be controlled such as how far your information will spread and who clicks on your website but every link received can be known that your website has quality.

Technical SEO helps improve the technical parts of your website to boost the rankingin search engines. It optimizes everything at the back end and makes the website function more efficiently in terms of speed and digesting content for the search engines to comprehend better.

On-Page SEOOff-Page SEOTechnical SEO
Quality contentContent MarketingContent management system
Content length and readabilitySocial mediaPage speed
Keyword optimizationReviewsMobile accessibility
Meta DataInfluencer marketingRobots.txt
Title TagsPRFully qualified URLs

13. What is a suitable PageSpeed score?

More than half of your audience is going to leave if your page takes more than 3 to 5 seconds to load. As a matter of fact, speed is important but improving your PageSpeed score beyond a certain point can be incredibly challenging with cost and time.

The average page speed score can go up to 8 seconds but a good score would be below 3 seconds to prevent long waiting time.

14. What are some Technical SEO problems?

Although technical SEO can help your website to operate more efficiently, here are some common technical SEO issues that may occur without you knowing:

No HTTPS SecurityThis occurs when your website is not secured, thus this problem has to be resolved immediately as it will drive people away
The site is not indexedEnsure your website has been recorded onto Google to allow your website to be visible online when searched.
Slow Page SpeedAs mentioned in question 14, if your page loads slower than 3 seconds, users will leave. To fix this, one of the best options is to clarify with your SEO agency or web developer to solve this issue.
Poor quality linksPoor links will result in poor user experience and it will shun people away. Having high-quality links gives off a good image to your target audience that you deliver excellent quality content.

15. How Long Should a Page of Content Be?

The most optimal level for SEO would be between 600 to 1000 words per page. The ideal article length should be between 1000 to 2,400 words. It should not be too short as less than 300 words can be considered less while more than 4000 can be too long and your audience will gain nothing from reading it.

It is not only important to learn which keywords to use to maximize SEO but also to learn how to categorize and split your paragraphs. If they get too long, divide them into sections and insert a few pictures for aesthetic purposes so as to not bore them. Splitting of paragraphs also helps to create suspense in the readers, making them stay longer on the page.

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16. What should I do to produce SEO-Friendly Content?

It is always crucial to conduct keyword research on the topic that you wish to talk about.

  • The length of the keyword should not be a one-letter word as information generated can be vague.
  • Buzzworthy and catchy titles can create a huge impact as it increases your chances of ranking up.
  • Paragraphs should be short and simple, sticking to 2 to 3 sentences and not more than 5 lines.
  • The use of different features such as bolding, underlining, italics, bullet points can be a game-changer. This helps to give your audience a summarised view of the important parts of that paragraph.

An SEO agency is always up to date on the current trends. Furthermore, if they discover that your business is well-suited to current trends, they will advise you on them and assist you in putting them into practice. As a result, as part of your digital marketing plan, you should engage SEO consultants or agencies in Singapore.

17. Will Duplicate Content impact my website’s ranking?

Duplicated content occurs when a unique website address (URL) appears in more than one web address.

It can cause content management system (CMS) difficulties as Google is unable to read data that is considered similar to others once they do not detect any changes in it.

This will, however, impact your rankings in the web pages as duplicate content is considered bad for SEO.

18. Definition of Link Building?

Link building contributes in important aspects that are helpful, natural, and high of excellent quality such as the content you have and this helps to increase the search engine rankings of that particular page.

Without backlinks, your website may not receive the full potential for it to rank well in the search engines, thus, they are important to have when it comes to ranking your website.

Under Search Engine Optimization (SEO), link building is also known as a hyperlink that links relevant web pages to your website.

There are a few types of links such as:

  • Editorial
  • Resource
  • Acquired
  • Reciprocal

Low-quality links will result in spammed blog comments and paid links entering your website and it can eventually be unhealthy to your site.

The advantages of link building will allow you to form good relationships, referral traffic, and brand awareness as well as building.

19. Does getting more links benefit me?

When it comes to Link Building, it is all about quality otherwise your ranking stays stagnant. Getting more links may seem like an easier chance of ranking higher but if the quality of content does not make sense or is not relevant, the quality of links will eventually decrease. Links are not purchasable and are considered a form of violation so do avoid being penalized by Google.

20. What Is PageRank?

PageRank is an early Google feature that has slowly become the measure that SEOs are drawn to. Pagerank is a ranking algorithm for websites that allows you to appear first in search engine results.

Apart from organic traffic, there are others such as PPC, referrals, and direct traffic, and PageRank is essential since it improves visibility and traffic.

So, do you have a better understanding of how SEO works now?

That brings us to the end of the 20 most often asked SEO questions. This will give you a good sense and beginner’s idea of what the SEO world looks like and how hiring SEO companies and specialists may help you.

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